All hail Nick Hornby and the Ministry of Stories

Nick HornbyFor many years it has been a concern of parents, teachers and educationalists that at a certain point children just give up reading. A new initiative by Nick Hornby, following the lead from American Author Dave Eggers, aims to bring the fun and excitement back in to literacy. The Author hopes that the mix of top authors telling stories and a shop selling such delights as “fang floss” and “human snot” will encourage children to see the value of creative writing and of course reading.

Many people are put off reading by the mere fact that they are forced into it at school and it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure. How can we help to reverse this trend? Bright Books always feel that there is a book for everyone and the majority of people will have some trigger point that would make them pick it up.

So whether it’s a graphic novel, a book about football, monster trucks or just an Exchange & Mart price index, somewhere there is something that everyone wants to read. Reading is fundamental to continued education and now that the ‘job for life’ is a thing of the past everyone faces lifelong learning, besides reading is fun, it makes us laugh it makes us cry, think, it even can make us angry but most of all it stimulates us in a way other mediums rarely do. Here at Bright Books we are always on the lookout for new ideas and would be delighted to hear of any ways that you have got children back into reading.

Spotted at The Guardian

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