The Hamburgers of Doom by Malcolm Judge – review

The Hamburgers of Doom by Malcolm Judge 

Reviewed by QEGS Telling Tales group (Year 7 and 8) – April 2015


the hamburgers of doom

We started to look at the front cover and image first and discussed this in one of our group meetings. A strange but attractive cover, with a possibility of maybe Year 6 wishing to read it. We particularly enjoyed the layout of the book; diary form and we found it quite easy to read. We also enjoyed the theme, that being of a school with references to teachers which most children enjoy reading about. It had lots of humour too and reminded us of the Wimpy Kid books (which are very, very popular in our school library.)


The images on the pages were good to see and did help with the story/investigation. However, the content did not seem to appeal to the girls in our group and they soon seemed to switch off. Persistence does pay off as they say as the boys managed to complete the book in over a week – which was pretty good to say we are all reading other books too.


Overall, catchy cover – for maybe Year 6 and 7. The diary form is always a big ‘win’ with readers and of course any images always go down well too.

We are awarding this book 6/10 – sorry we can’t give it anymore but we did find the ‘alien’ aspect of it rather young for us as readers.

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