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All of our servicing to Public Libraries and School Library Services is provided free of charge

At Bright Books we pride ourselves on our extensive shelf readying service, provided to over 100 of our customers. We have the capability to process materials either to NAG Standard or customer specified. Here are some shelf readying services we provide.

Servicing & cataloguing for Schools

72p per book (including existing books as part of school library). This includes all stickers and lamination/jacket.
Catologuing on Microlibrarian Junior Librarian system is 50p per book but if taken at same time as servicing then both together will cost £1 per book saving 22p per book.


We can provide protective covering on all books.
These can be either a:
Wallet     -     this is a detachable plastic cover
Soft laminate     -     this is stuck to the outside cover
Hard laminate     -     this is the same as the soft laminate, but less flexible
Sleeve     -     this is a detachable cover from the books with dust covers

Date Label 

These can be supplied by you, or printed by us if we have a sample. Date labels can also have individual book information printed on them.

Process Grid

These are identification grids, that can have the libraries logo and any of the book's information printed onto it. We can reproduce these on printed labels.

Book Cards

These are usually only used in cases where packet date labels are supplied and are printed by us on A4 card and cut to size. They can also be printed on coloured card.

Catalogue Cards

Although there isn't a great deal of demand for these we do have customers that still use them, so we have the facility to print them.

Spine Labels

These can be printed by us. Where spine labels are required, for non fiction books, we can supply the Dewey number to be printed, or you can supply them yourselves from a list of titles we supply. If you require spine labels printed for fiction, we can also supply this service.


These are supplied by you. The barcode number can be printed on any stationery required.

Security Triggers / ALS Lables

These are supplied by you.