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Yuz karasi

Holt, Jonathan

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  • ISBN13 / Product Code: 9789750826399 (110975)
  • ISBN10: 9750826396
  • Language(s): Turkish
  • Holt, Jonathan
  • YKY
  • Crime
  • Publication Date: 01/01/2013

In Venice - city of secrets, city of lies - two women search for a killer...Captain Katerina Tapo is the youngest female officer of the Venice carabinieri. Assigned to her first murder case, she finds a woman strangled and submerged in the waters that surround the city. A woman dressed in the robes of a priest. Lieutenant Holly Boland of the US Army spent her childhood in Italy. Now, returning at last, she finds herself conscripted by the intelligence forces to investigate the murder of a female activist. A woman whose body has also been given to the sea...Carnivia is a virtual Venice - a city within the city - where anyone may conduct another life, outside the rule of law.