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Bright Books Foreign Language Services


Bright Books is the largest “One-stop-shop” for foreign languages materials in the UK. We have the largest stock holding of titles in over an unrivalled 60 different languages from all corners of the globe.

We have a wide range of services especially tailored for the UK and Ireland library market.

One of the reasons we are able to offer such a comprehensive range of foreign language products is because you constantly tell us what you need. Bright Books have the capacity to purchase materials from all around the world and it is our pledge that if you want us to find something then we will at least give it a go.

Bright Books have invested heavily in a bespoke website, and we feature online catalogues for over 20 different languages, and this number is growing all the time. Our supplier selection service is also available through our website for your convenience. We continuously feature special offers and promotions so be sure to check in regularly

Our Suppliers

Bright Books work closely with supplies from all over the planet in sourcing the best quality and best value reading materials for your library. The importance of quality is stressed to our suppliers and we also co-operate closely with them, their knowledge of local publishing industries coupled with our high standards, ensure that we provide the most relevant, popular and current titles for your readership.

Bright Books’ buyers are regularly in Europe which is why as well as having large stock holdings we are able to find books specifically suited to your needs. We co-own a book shop in Poland and have forged close links with Polish wholesalers and publishers, which is why we can’t be beaten for either choice or price.

Foreign Language Books

Supplier Selection Service

Our supplier select service takes the strain out of choosing unfamiliar titles. Books are supplied fully serviced, free of charge to your specification. Indicate your budget and selection preference with order: Fiction, non-fiction, mixed, men's or women's interest or junior. Translated, native authors or mixed.

Alternatively we are always happy for you to contact us to discuss your needs. Foreign language materials are delivered to you free of charge and come supplied with a simple MARC record in order to ensure books are added swiftly and efficiently to your LMS.

Foreign MARC records are supplied FREE in conjunction with our friends at BDS .

Standing Orders

Bright Books has years of experience in providing standing orders, both for purchase and as part of our rental service.

We can arrange to ship specific numbers of books in any of the languages to supply new stock on a regular basis. We use your specifications to select the collections and because we keep track of what you have already been sent, you receive regularly refreshed collections of new titles, tailor made for your readership.

For Russian, Polish, French, German, Spanish and Italian we can also supply books from the current bestseller lists.

The Personal Service

At Bright Books we pride ourselves on our service. We have a combined experience of over 20 years in supplying foreign language materials. We are always happy to talk to you about you needs and requirements. Natalya our dedicated account handler is always available and we regularly come out to see our customers.

Shelf Ready

Bright Books has an in house servicing department, providing shelf ready books and ensuring titles are with you and available to your readers as swiftly as possible.

  • We can back your books with a wallet or soft laminate
  • We can place date labels and barcodes inside you books where supplied
  • We can place a process grid/location grid inside your book, which we can print on premises
  • We can insert security triggers where supplied
  • We affix transliteration labels detailing the Title, Author, ISBN and language
  • We work with BDS to supply electronic book data
  • Deliveries can be made to multiple delivery locations

...and we do all this free of charge!