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Foreign Language Supplier Selection Service

Our supplier select service takes the strain out of choosing unfamiliar titles. Books are supplied fully serviced, free of charge to your specification. Indicate selection preference with order: Fiction, non-fiction, mixed, men's or women's interest or junior. Translated, native authors or mixed. Alternatively we are always happy for you to contact us to discuss your specific needs. Foreign language materials are now supplied with a simple marc record in order to ensure swift and efficient entry on to your LMS. Foreign Marc records are supplied FREE by our friends at BDS (External website)

If You Don't See The Language You Want Please Contact Us

Language No of books per £100 order Language No of books per £100 order
Afrikaans 6-8 Books Albanian 6-8 Books
Arabic 9-12 Books Amharic 6-8 Books
Bengali 9-12 Books Bulgarian 9-12 Books
Chinese Cantonese 6-8 Books Chinese Mandarin 6-8 Books
Croatian 6-8 Books Czech 9-12 Books
Danish 9-12 Books Dutch 9-12 Books
Estonian 9-12 Books Farsi 7-9 Books
Finnish 7-9 Books Francophone 9-12 Books
French 9-12 Books German 9-12 Books
Greek 6-8 Books Gujarati 9-12 Books
Hebrew 6-8 Books Hindi 9-12 Books
Hungarian 9-12 Books Irish Gaelic 6-8 Books
Italian 9-12 Books Japanese 5-8 Books
Korean 6-8 Books Kurdish Kirmanji 9-12 Books
Kurdish Sorani 4-6 Books Latvian 9-12 Books
Lithuanian 9-12 Books Malay 9-12 Books
Malayalam 9-12 Books Marathi 9-12 Books
Nepali 9-12 Books Norwegian 9-12 Books
Pashto 6-8 Books Polish 8-12 Books
Portuguese 9-12 Books Punjabi 9-12 Books
Romanian 9-12 Books Russian 9-12 Books
Serbian 6-8 Books Sinhalese 9-12 Books
Slovak 9-12 Books Slovenian 9-12 Books
Sindhi 9-12 Books Somali 5-7 Books
Spanish 9-12 Books Tamil 9-12 Books
Thai 9-12 Books Urdu 9-12 Books
Vietnamese 9-12 Books Welsh 9-12 Books


Buying World Books At The Click Of A Mouse

We are proud to have supplied reading materials from around the world to the UK and EU market for the past ten years. We have become probably the largest 'one-stop-shop' of foreign languages in the UK.

Supply Chain

Bright Books source languages from the mother country where possible, we have developed a sophisticated network of trusted suppliers world wide.

Libraries Prisons & Schools

We provide books at library quality and our servicing department can deliver the books ‘shelf ready’ We provide books across the whole library spectrum, fiction, non/fiction, children’s books.

Eastern Europe

Polish and Eastern European publications are a Bright Books speciality. We have strong links in Poland where we have an agent who works with us. We also have a Russian speaker on the staff.


Bright Books have been providing quality books for twenty years. We have twenty experienced staff based in the North West of England.


We have a full servicing department, dedicated foreign language staff as well as sales and accounts departments. Bright Books is an Investor in People