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Here at Bright Books our aim is to provide all citizens with excellent, up to date and relevant reading material. We have built up a large and trusted supply network which enables us to provide books from all corners of the globe. We provide books in a huge array of languages.


How does the rental scheme work?

It's very simple; once you are registered for the scheme, you purchase credits which are then used to rent the books. Your next job is to let us know what languages you would like. You receive quarterly statements to let you know how many books you have and your current credit balance.

Is my book in stock?

Whilst we do carry large stocks, occasionally, for specific titles, there might be a wait. Natalya, our account handler, is on hand to keep track of your orders and she will pass on information regarding late shipments or delays.

Where do you get the books?

From the outset we have considered that the most ethical and comprehensive way to provide foreign language books was to source them in the country of origin. This has benefits and drawbacks but, on the whole, we feel that this is by far the best way to provide the comprehensive service you demand. Jonathan is in overall charge of the foreign book buying and would be happy to answer your queries. We are conscious of our carbon footprint and we do order books in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. We order large numbers at once, we 'piggy-back' space in containers and we re-use all packing material where appropriate. Also we avoid ordering just on speculation; all books transported to Bright Books have an end purpose.

How do I know the bibliographic details of my books?

Bright Books and BDS have worked together to provide a simple MARC record that is designed primarily to allow you a much quicker turnaround for foreign material. This should enable you to get the books onto you LMS and out to your customers as quickly as possible.

Can you service our books?

Yes; Bright Books have a full book servicing department (in house) and we provide full servicing where requested. Our rental books are serviced and laminated on the inside back and front covers, to allow you to affix the appropriate library stationery. Don't worry about cleaning it off, we'll do that for you. If you want to check that we have the correct servicing instructions, or have any other questions, Jo, our Servicing Manager, will be happy to talk with you.

Do you censor?

Not really. Every library contains stock that some will find offensive but we are aware that because it is more difficult to check foreign language books that we need to tread more carefully. We have discussed our needs with our suppliers and have pointed out to them that the material is for general public consumption. If you find (or your customers find) material that is unsuitable, then we will replace it.

Is the quality the same as books published in the UK?

Mostly. Quality control is important to us at Bright Books, and our servicing department apply the same rigorous standards throughout our range. Some of the material we get from some of the countries with less established publishing and printing industries can feel and look substandard compared to what we are used to, but it should still be fit to put on library shelves and robust enough for several issues. If not, just let us know.

Do you only provide English translations?

Not at all; we provide as broad a spectrum of material as is possible. Because we source in the mother countries we know what is popular and what is being read there. We match this with the type of materials you ask for. The can be general stock, for example the latest John Grisham.

Why can't I have Ian Rankin books in Somali?

In the UK, we are used to a vast and sophisticated publishing industry. Sadly this is not mirrored throughout the world and quite simply some languages do not have the bredth of material that we enjoy. In many parts of the world languages exist only in spoken form, or with nothing but dictionaries available.

Who speaks what?

Languages don't necessarily respect national borders. We have a detailed knowledge of who reads what, and where. We try to provide books not only in the appropriate language but sourced from the correct region. The English language is a good example. The reader in Kirkcaldy could understand a books published in Australia about the impact of grass verge preservation in Kook borough, but would she be interested?

Where is my delivery?

The world is a volatile place and any of you who have tried to get a parcel delivered at a set time on a set date will know that this can be  a logistical nightmare. However over the past 12 months our stock holding has increased significantly and our delivery times have dropped for all but a few languages. Some of our books, like the people who read them, come from some of the world's hotspots. We have experienced anxious delays in the past when we have suddenly lost contact with suppliers in Iran, Beirut and Nepal. Happily all have re-appeared unharmed. Natalya is our account handler and she will be happy to trace your order and give you up to date information.

Can I get advice?

Yes. Over the years you have asked us the questions and we have endeavoured to find the answers. Our Foreign Language team, headed by Andrew Workman, will be happy to answer your questions. The foreign team has been together as a unit for a number of years now, and their capabilities increase all the time. Of course we have a lot of help from you and your customers but what we don't know or are unsure about, we find out.

I am interested in the service, but can I talk to someone face to face?

Absolutely. This is a complex area and we are more than happy to come our and see you. If you are close enough, or don't mind traveling to Rochdale you are welcome to come and see us. If you would like a personal visit or would like to know when and where we are holding an event please contact our Managing Director. Ken, and we will set something up according to your timetable.