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Bright Book Graphic Novels

The Graphic Novel, a very popular genre, great at attracting young readers yet, a minefield to get right. We’ve decided to hit the issue head on and we’ve used our considerable inside knowledge to set up a Bright Books Graphic novel service. The purpose of this is to help you to provide the most exciting visual reading materials for your readership. Like our popular foreign language service we use our expertise and our resources to work closely with all the major distributors at home and abroad, to provide you with the latest titles. We are passionate about the power of Graphic Novels to engage readers but we are acutely aware that sourcing and choosing the correct materials is time consuming and complex, As fans of Graphic novels we understand the content of each title, we provide guidance on reading ages and content, and will exclude or flag up titles that are aimed at an adult readership. We work closely with you to provide a framework for the type of titles you require, so you can relax in the knowledge that there will be no nasty surprises popping up on your shelves.

Supplier Select Service

We offer 30% off RRP for all the latest releases, and our Monthly Hotlist helps you to provide the latest titles for your readers. With have a large backlist stock, with titles available at up to 60% off RRP, and on top of this we provide Free Servicing, Free Marc Records and Free Delivery. All this means we can provide you with an exciting range of Graphic Novels, shelf ready, at an amazing price.

Standing Order Service

Bright Books selects the latest Graphic Novel releases from the major Comic houses each month, and for our standing order customers we provide the latest titles at 30% off RRP, as always this includes Free Servicing, Free Marc Records, and Free Delivery.
To save you time and money we keep track of the titles you have received before, so we’ll never send you Volume 2 of a title if we haven’t previously sent you Volume 1. We provide our Hot-list news letter with each delivery to outline the titles we are sending you, and help you promote the titles in your collection and we supply promotional material each month.

If you are interested in our Standing Order Service please do not hesitate to contact us.