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Who We Are:

Bright Books are a long established UK based library supplier. We fully understand the requirements needed for libraries and we have the capabilities needed to serve the modern library service. We have a full servicing department, we are licensed suppliers of BDS MARC records which are supplied either directly from us or from the Bright Books link on the BDS website, we provide free delivery to multiple drop points where necessary and our extensive range of books are perfect to provide the variety required for the discerning reader.

Foreign Languages:

A visit to our foreign language section will show that we are the biggest one-stop-shop language supplier in the UK, offering a variety of services aimed specifically at allowing librarians access to the world's books, quickly and efficiently. Our services have been refined to allow us, to allow you, the ability to offer a comprehensive and professional service that can be fashioned to suit your particular needs.

Graphic Novels:

Graphic novels, like the foreign languages are a great way to engage a particular demographic. As young people become more and more connected electronically they become more and more disconnected physically, graphic novels are a great way to reach out to a younger readership. By their very nature, graphic novels can contain material that could be offensive to the general readership so here at Bright we pre-sort them, putting them into logical and easy to understand categories to avoid any nasty surprises. Again  you can choose your own or get our expert staff to choose for you. 

English Language Shelf Busters:

Sometimes it's about variety, how to freshen up the shelves. We have a number of ways to help you do this, Themed Selections; from time to time we will offer 50 Westerns 50 True crime etc. Themed, cheap and shelf ready. Wodges; sometimes we are just moving stock on, keep your eye open for wodges, again shelf ready and very cheap.

Be-Spoke Supplier Selection:

The book buying market is very interesting at the moment, there are bargains to be had and where there's a bargains there's a Bright Books buyer. Why not contact us tell us the niche you would like to fill and let us scour the market on your behalf, we'll source your books, negotiate the best price for you and get them to you shelf ready.